Hey there! 👋 Hope you are doing well! Thank you for reading another random community newsletter. I am Aditya Oberai, just another random community member and the creator of this newsletter, and I really can't express how happy I am to start this little initiative with all of you folks here ❤️.

(yes, kid me was kinda cute 🤭)

How Did The Idea Behind Newsletter Come Up? 🤔

Honestly, I can't remember how the thought of this newsletter started. It did have a lot to do with the random community convos we had been having through Twitter Spaces over the last year, though (even I can't believe it's actually been a year 🤯).

The conversations we had all this while, while generally very random and personal, often were filled with insights and perspectives that made a genuine impact on the participants, me especially. It only recently struck me that many of these thoughts and ideas could be shared and retained on a more static forum for people to revisit and debate whenever they want 🤜🤛.

So I decided that a newsletter was a good way to maintain consistent raw interactions with interested people 🤝.

What Is This Newsletter All About? 👀

As I mentioned, this newsletter will be a raw forum filled with unfiltered thoughts, perspectives, and opinions. Keeping in mind my journey so far, a lot of those thoughts will be focused on DevRel 🥑, communities 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, and tech 🧑‍💻. You can read more about my journey in these spaces if you'd like 👇

From Student 👨‍🎓 To DevRel 🥑: A Memoirdev.to

That being said, you and I live and breathe in the real world filled with a wide variety of experiences. Therefore, we will not remain limited to these topics and go beyond from time to time as well 🙌.

How Can I Have A Voice In The Newsletter? 🗣️

While I initiated the random community convos we have had on Twitter Spaces, these were never about any single one of us there. Neither should the newsletter be, in my opinion. As a result, my long-time friends Saurabh Kumar Suryan, Raghav Agarwal, Nirupama Singh, and I also started and manage another random community on Twitter! 😄

This Twitter community is a place where anyone can come together to share random thoughts, ask random questions, and propose random ideas for the convos and the newsletter. I will iterate that while we three are the community's moderators, the community is not just ours. Each of you will have just as much voice and say as any of us, and we hope you will exercise it whenever necessary.

What's Next? ⏩

This newsletter is not meant to discuss just fundamental knowledge around DevRel, communities, and tech but also share experiential knowledge and perspectives. Over time, I hope that it will become more than a journal of experiences; rather, I hope to see it grow as a compendium of sorts for these domains. I cannot promise that it will be the best newsletter you've seen (I have a lot yet to learn), but I will promise to keep things honest and real. Hopefully, you folks will see that in the content here as well 😌.

Thank you so much for joining Saurabh, Raghav, Nirupama, and me on this new journey, and I wish you all a great ride ahead! 🙌

The team behind another random community :)

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